New Vocabulary

Like many of us, in 2020 I found myself using words I’d used rarely or never before. Lockdown, quarantine, R rates, infection vectors. Like living in a disaster movie, we absorbed this bleak reality and all its new terminology.

random letters

2021 has bought new vocabulary into my life, and made me realise some of my confusions of the past. For our mutual amusement, here are some words that have come into my life …


Non-Scales Victory. Dieting talk for benefits other than lower weigh-in. Fitting size 14 jeans, not being out of breath on the stairs, not obsessing about pudding 🙂


I assumed this meant a long run. Ahem. Of course, it means Lands End to John O’Groats. Silly me. (And well done Helen V!)


This is what wetsuit owners call swimming costumes and trunks. “Swimming in skins” sounds so hardcore. And it is, in 14c water.

Bilateral Breathing

Another swimming term. This is alternating the side you breathe on during front crawl. Some swimmers even manage not to choke and run out of breath as they do it. I dream of that ability.


I thought this was pronounced “miseries”, with an extra “in”. I may even have thought it was a genre of dark TV. When I realised my mistake I was on my own and I still blushed. Yep.

That probably tells you more than you need to know about my year so far.

Would love to hear examples of your new vocabulary, the more embarrassing the better!


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