I live a privileged life and have the luxury of laughing at this Punch cartoon and thinking about the gender pay gap and representation of women in tech.

On this International Women’s Day I would like to mark the more global challenges faced by women.

  • Domestic violence
  • Reproductive health
  • Freedom of movement
  • Poverty
  • War

There aren’t any funny cartoons about rape in warzones, or women unable to control their fertility, or women killed by men.

We can’t be complacent: there is a nasty thread of misogyny in UK society too.

Last year’s Handmaid’s Tale was praised for being “topical” and “timely”. That’s such a depressing thought. One hundred and one years since the Suffragettes success, it sometimes feels like we could enter a new dark ages, with our progress stripped away.

So I don’t think the gender wars are won: I think we need to remain vigilant.

And that’s why I am writing this post to celebrate women, and the women in my life.

My mum, my sister, my many amazing relatives around the world.

My colleagues, my support network, my friends and neighbours.

For every woman who has been brave, and truthful, and fought to be heard:

Happy International Women’s Day 2019.