It’s been a long time …

… since I blogged here.

I feel like I should get back into blogging so will start with a catch-up blurt-out and see where I go from there.

Back from 10 days in the Netherlands, seeing Amsterdam, meeting with Dutch relatives, and hanging with close family. Highlights: food, company, canal trip, Stedalijk gallery, centreparcs, fresh air, relaxing and trying out a ninebot segway. The ninebot was amazing, really intuitive to control. (I didn’t need to have my arms out, I was just pretending to fly).

Physical and mental health has been on my mind for lots of reasons. I am grateful to be healthy at the moment but am feeling very aware that I can’t take that for granted. I must do more bike rides with the boys, more solo runs and find time for things that bring happiness to me and my loved ones. Maybe I need more Segways in my life 🙂

I managed not to read my email in the ten days I was away, but I know I have some office move shenanigans to get back to. Grateful for Kerry Pinny leading on that in my absence.

Last summer I got my Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). I’ve started my CMALT portfolio but not finished it yet. I’ve also got more involved with the Heads of eLearning Forum (HELF) which is a self-organised group of institutional leaders who share practice: I really value this forum and have joined the steering group.

I am very pleased to report that my efforts and skill at work have been recognised and I have been promoted up a grade, making me officially senior management. My team has been making great progress in supporting the uptake of technology in teaching and research. My task now is to use my increased authority and broader scope to make more good things happen. There’s such a lot to do, the trick will be prioritising.

Thinking about my online communications, I plan to take a look at the beta digital perceptions tool developed by Lawrie, Donna and Zac. I only really use Facebook these days, I’m just a Twitter daytripper now, WhatsApp is for people I already know face to face, and I haven’t touched Instagram. I really respect people who write regular posts like weeknotes, but I worry that so much of what I do wouldn’t be appropriate to share: so much is about people management or might be strategically or commercially sensitive. I need to find a way of communicating with my external peers without oversharing!

This autumn I’m off to the Educause annual conference for the first time. It’s in Denver this year and I’m going with three colleagues. Would love to hear from anyone else going, and I’m especially interested in meeting up there with people doing big projects with their Learning Management Systems / Virtual Learning Environments.

Before that though, in a month I will stand in front of 500 of my peers and give a keynote at the annual conference of the Association of Learning Technologies. I am so honoured to have been asked and despite everything I can feel a big whoosh of imposter syndrome waiting to trip me up so I’d better get preparing!!


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