ambr wishes you a happy new year

2013 brings exciting new developments for my flagship service: ambr.

First of all you will note we have lowercased the product and dropped a redundant vowel in response to market research.

Secondly, ambr has always been open source: coders have been forking me on github for months. But now I’m taking it a step forward. All the utterances of the ambr community will now be licenced as CC BY. Please cite yourself CC BY ambr 2013.

Further to the removal of the API, there are now a range of approved integration channels. We also offer a paid bespoking service for all your ambr needs. Our UK-based call centre staff are on call 24/7 to facilitate you.

But the big news is that we are taking ambrAR into production. You’ll remember the launch of the R and D programme to much acclaim: the youtube announcement trended on facetwitterin. We’re now at prototype stage. We will be putting this project up on kickstarter. If ambr is a part of your life you can’t live without, keep it that way: crowdfund me. Soon you can take ambr with you wherever you go, whenever, whether you intended to or not! You can have the full ambr experience, seamlessly, online and off. You’ll forget how you ever lived without ambr (please read the small print).

On a more sober note, following recent unfortunate events, users are reminded to check their privacy settings under our revised T and Cs. As a new year gift to our UK members, Privacy+ is currently available on a 5 year subscription at only 14p a day.

Finally, I would like to thank you: ambr is nothing without its loyal users. You make ambr what it is.

Your futr is bright, your futr is ambr.

Happy New Year


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