(This is not a pun or a euphemism)

Today we settled in two rabbits.

We’ve had rabbits before but had a long break, and I recently became obsessed with having some again. I rang a lady that rescues rabbits and she had two with a back story. They are just over 1 year old, a bonded pair of a girl and boy. They had been left to roam in a garden and breed like, well, the proverbial rabbits. The local fox was the chief beneficiary of this lifestyle choice, and it sounds like they’d lost as many bunnies to the fox as to the unfortunate effects of overbreeding. When the owners, a couple with a young boy, decided things weren’t working out they gave them to the rescue rabbit lady. 6 months later I called and it felt like fate: two rabbits, neutered now, used to children, confident despite their rocky start. The catch? They are used to roaming, to space, a lot of space. A hutch is not enough. So, with advice from the rescue lady, I searched the web for options and we decided on a small shed (£100). with a run, that a local guy built to order (£50). With extra wood and wire, my husband Tim hammered and sawed and hinged away for hours to fix it all together. I ordered a “hide house” (£30) and the magic ingredient is a cat flap.  Thus was the rabbit palace born.

They were called something else when they came to us, but since they’re lops, they are pretty deaf so we had carte blanche to change the names.

So may I introduce …

Princess Leia

and Chewbacca


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