Openness in universities: the sunlight effect

Excited to be heading off tomorrow to the Flossie 2012 Conference.

I’ll be speaking as myself, sharing an overview of different forms and characteristics of openness in universities. For me this is a chance to meet with other women working in open tech and open culture, and to reflect on the sorts of initiatives I’ve been working on for nearly a decade.

Here’s my slides

Looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “Openness in universities: the sunlight effect

  1. Hey Amber – great slides 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get to see the talk. A couple of comments on the ‘unauthenticated’, obviously taken only from the slides as I didn’t hear the speak. I’m wondering if unauthenticated is the best word to use? I’m concerned that in academia in particular we have a bad habit of using ‘authentication’ to mean paid for; synergistic with a paywall…as that is how we tend to engage with it, whether paid for by ourselves when logged in or having to log in because our university has paid for something. ‘Authentic’, or atleast ‘definitely this identified person’ is going to be more and more important for open content – whether to know that the person posting the content is the author they claim to be and to track authentic comments and contributions from others as we build more fluid workflows online and move away from the monolithic article. In my ideal world it should be as easy to cite a comment from an author on a blog as it is an sentence in a journal article with the certainty of authorship in place.

    Obviously as someone who works with what is definitely open authentication (open source, open standards) I’m keen for the concept of identity not be seen as closed by default. There is a long way to go to make the authentication process for scholarly comms as seamless and unobtrusive as say, logging in to twitter or using email – part of the daily workflow for many of us…but I don’t naturally see unauthenticated as a positive for open content. To me the slides seem to suggest the paywall word would be a more natural fit here – but would love to discuss this more!

    Also, yay for lots of intelligent women in tech getting together – sounded like a great day from what I could folllow.

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