2010: my year in senses


A year of two halves: maternity leave, then returning to work in july. A year full of memories, but I thought I'd challenge myself by focussing less on words and ideas and more on my physical lived experience. So here goes …


Clever Photograph by my auntie Carolyn Black 2010 (c) all rights reserved


Touch The feel of my blackberry buttons and the tracker nippley thing: the outside world lives in there. The horrible gaping hole left after the "difficult extraction" of my wisdom tooth, metallic fleshy cavity of pain. Shudder.

Sights My beautiful boys, obviously. The view from the Hampton Road as I drove around endlessly seeking the elusive holy grail of two boys sleeping at the same time. The twitter alert icon on my phone.

Sounds Baby Crying. Imaginary baby crying (hallucinated after too much listening to baby crying). The XX (thanks to my friend Dawn for forcing modern music on me after a year in the wilderness). The theme tune to True Blood "I wanna do bad things to you". Peppa Pig song.

Tastes Not much of a year for food, though some exceptions: kayal, a south indian restaurant (with my mum) and jamie oliver's 15 in watergate bay (with my in-laws). Children's orange nurofen tastes nice: the cointreau of the medicine world. Gingerbread latte from evilbucks: so wrong it's right.

Smells Dirty Nappies. Imaginary dirty nappies (hallucinated after too many dirty nappies). Keep-me-awake-drinks: indian spiced chai, strong earl grey, coffee, coffee, coffee. Oh, and did I mention coffee?


Looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings …



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