Repositories and Metasearching (August 2005)

I’ve been trying to get my head round metasearching in terms of teaching content repositories. There seem to be a number of issues …

exposing just metadata
not all teaching content repositories are open access (in fact most aren’t) but some might still make their metadata available to search agents, then when you get to the result you’re asked to log-in or apply for an account. is this going to be any use to the average searcher? is it worth the repository owner making the effort?

externally created content
as well as teacher-created content, some institutions might use their repository to store learning objects they’ve bought or downloaded (from nln materials, from  JORUM-to-be, from emerging commercial suppliers). this might increase usage of the service but make it less likely they will expose their repository metadata to the outside world. how likely is it that they will go that way?

e-learning framework
where do repositories fit into the ELF?

repositories and search engines
I understand that the big search engines are starting to take the world of repositories etc into account …
yahoo is looking at OAI
google scholar is looking at a d-space service
yahoo is doing a creative commons service?

The approach of the big search engines is going to impact on how repositories can best position themselves in the information environment


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