A Picture of the Past

Here’s one to think about …

Do you picture yourself in time? I don’t mean conceptually. I mean, if someone asks you what you did last week, do you see your calendar page for last week, with appointments on? Do you jump straight to the day you went out for a good meal and see the food on the plate and your partner smiling.

I visualise time a bit like a ladder, or a railroad track, with the past behind me and the future ahead

Time1_1 When I ask people, it seems they all visualise time in different ways, including not visualising it at all

I wonder if anyone has researched this? I wonder if it is related to why some people are organised and others are scatty, and why some have memories of elephants and others of goldfish.

For the record, i’m usually organised, but perhaps overly concerned with knowing what’s going to happen. My visualisation isn’t very helpful for seeing ahead. Maybe I need to reprogramme it to alieviate my anxiety about the future!


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